Friday, August 7, 2009


We stopped by a commonly used fast food establishment for some of the regulars....



and nuggets.

And for dessert I was treated to some awesome lighting in the parking lot.

And a very cool rustic blue dumpster.

This daughter of mine....this only daughter of mine...

...might be viewed as a dainty, frilly thing...but that's just not the case.

In fact yesterday she was teasing her brothers by dropping dead crickets down the backs of their shirts. She's also the first to chase lizards, hold frogs and snuggle with crawdads. She is definitely not afraid to get dirty and the above blue/green shirt she is wearing is her claimed favorite for it is soft, stretchy and has funky patterns on it to hide any dirt or stains she acquires on her adventures.

But then she's got this huge crafty, artsy side with an enormous imagination and boundless creativity that propel her into endless projects, parties and events that stretch on for days and days and are planned down to the most infinitesimal detail. She's even got pretty good taste.

So I just can't decide if she'll end up as a Marine Biologist or the next Martha Stewart.

(But most likely a Mom who can dig in the sand, play with cars, hold bugs, tell grand stories, plan parties, and make her home beautiful...because being a Mom takes all kinds.)


  1. Dead crickets down backs? Where did she come from? LOL

    She's so stinkin' photogenic.

    You've been throwing in some mighty huge words lately. Impressive.

  2. She is and shall be amazing just like her mother. -Innovative, fearless, confident, beautiful, creative, humorous, etc.!! No surprise there!

  3. I love that, it is always fun to think about what our kids will be. Beautiful pics. Tammi

  4. Such a beauty!! Go in for nuggets, come out with a stunning portrait - what a deal!!

  5. Hey I liked puppy tails and pheasant hearts and I turned out just fine-fine.

    She truly has a superb imagination! And definitely has the looks :)

  6. I think beautiful miss B. sounds a little like her mother...multitalented.

  7. I really like that dumpster, who would've thought? Only you! I really also like that yellow room...the red accents were perfect.

    I am so glad Dennis is okay. How scary was that. Austin has had his fair share of huge bonks on think that we'd learn how to stay calm and collected about it...but, it is so scary!

    I also thought the joke was funny, but more funny was the part about the 1800' original.


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