Monday, August 31, 2009

Harper and Company

I met sweet Harper recently. She has a flair for style and is aways up for a baby pedi. Check out those tootsies.

She did amazingly well sleeping and being rearranged, moved, bugged, dressed and undressed...especially considering her rather old infant age of 4 weeks.

And then the whole family...


  1. Too cute. love the toes and the one on the table? and the family one is perfect.

  2. Ah! Babies look so peaceful when they sleep-even if it's in a "comfy" cradle :)

    I love the name too!

  3. we love them!!! erika you did such a great job! we can't wait to see more... the jurgaitis family

  4. Those are positively dreamy... Ahhh. What sweet pear sweetness!! :)


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