Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Have a New Room

It's yellow with red accents, well just one red accent for now... but it will have more.

I was admiring things, just kickin' it on the red bean bag (the only accent) when I discovered my shoes-- nay my whole ensemble worked beautifully in the room and I started snapping some shots.

Then Mr. C joined me for a snuggle. He's always good for a snuggle.

Luckily he was in grey too, so he modeled for me.

The ensemble.

Next I went for some artsy self-portrait types with the wide angle lens since I was the only subject willing to hold still, plus I matched.

This took me quite some time to achieve and Miss B says I look funny and shouldn't put it up, but remember it's with a wide angle which distorts and I did it on purpose.

And another artsy type because I have been feeling uninspiring lately and needed something different.


  1. You amaze me, Lou - you totally do!! What fun shots. I find your abstractism deliciously refreshing, intriguing and spunky as the day is long! Keep it up!!

  2. p.s. There's no place like home!! (Dorothy)

  3. Love the red shoes with the yellow wall...and love the last picture too. Christians and your eyes pop like crazy in these pictures.

  4. Looks like a fun time. It's nice that you have time to make your new home so nice.

  5. Looks so cherry, I mean CHEERY!


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