Friday, August 14, 2009

Snaggle Teeth

Q's got the funniest snaggle teeth! They crack me up every time I catch a glimpse of them. We tried last night to snag a photo and out of about 20, I got this cute one, but no teeth ones.

I tried again this morning. He wouldn't hold still for nothin'! Finally feet tickling (my feet tickling his tummy while I took the photos) did the trick. Is that not thee funniest arrangement of little chompers? I think so. And I had to show you before he grows the middle teeth in and all the funniness is gone.

Also, he figured out how to open doors. Only the lever-style door knobs, but still! He stands on his tippity, tip toes and reach, reach, reaches for the knob...pulls it down and gets the door open a crack. Then he wiggles a finger or two in the crack to open the door and escape. That little Houdini!

I will have to video it... maybe...if I think about it.


  1. That's not a snaggle tooth! That's a bonafide Vampire! You should rename him Edward...


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