Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This little kiddie went to Fourth Grade...

This little kiddie went to Second Grade...

This little kiddie went to Preschool...

This little kiddie went walking...

And their mommy cried ,"Boo, hoo, hoo" all the day long.
(because her kids are growing too fast)

PS Trying to catch a picture of a 10 month old in mid-walk is like trying to nail jello to a tree
(as my friend Tonya would say) ...


  1. wow..he can already walk:) how old is he, i forget.

  2. So sweet love the brother sister pics! What a cute unbalanced walker!

  3. Ha! That's great! I love B's braid, Mr. C's toothless smile, Dennis' hands behind his head stance, and LOVE Q's fingers and determined look! Good stuff.

  4. Walking? Amazing! :)
    And I love the oilcloth lunchbag!

  5. I would boo, hoo, hoo too! It all happens too fast. Mis Em is trying to stand alone. I do love that confident stance N has! Good luck trying to keep up with your walker...i smell a mess!

  6. I think you may be fibbing a bit for blog purposes... are you sure you weren't crying "Whoppee" all the day long? Just kidding...

  7. Oh, Lou, don't Boo-Hoo! Your kiddies are growing up, but they are beautiful and good kiddies. :) What fun pics, though! :) Did they start school today??

    I must know... what is that charming polk-a-dot bag Miss B is carrying?

  8. Walking? That is crazy! Your kids all look so cute for school! Miss B sure has gorgeous hair! I also really enjoyed your "complaining" blog because I can SO relate!!

  9. And this mommy cried boo hoo hoo because I still have two more weeks of summer and kids dipping chevron cars in unflushed toilets. I guess we all have our own Crusty Bear. (Cross to bear....)


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