Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Year With The Bowl

Miss Afton hit the ONE year mark and we revisited the vintage bowl setup. I've been wondering how we could incorporate it for her Sweet Sixteen. Hmmm...that could pose a challenge...

A friend made this sweet "1" ensemble. Very fetching.

She has being coy down to an art.

We also took some family snaps while we were at it.

And I've been feeling rather retro-vintage in some of my editing lately...just FYI.


  1. I had no idea you were moving! So much fun! Are you in the same part of the valley, or did you move across town?

  2. I'm sure whatever you come up with for Sweet 16 will involve a shirt, so that alone will be a break from tradition so far! :) And where's the dad's wedding ring? Guess with gathering all the baby accessories I forgot a very important one for the adult. Next time.
    I LOVE THEM!!! You really are the best!!

  3. So cute! Love the bowl, maybe when she is 16 you can have her washing her face with it.

  4. sweet baby girl! how do they grow so quickly? i love the retro vintage look! especially the pictures below...the grainy of your sis is awesome!

  5. Love the wood fence in the background, where is that.

  6. Great pics! I love it when you involve things like the bowl, used in so many time frames. What a great idea! She has really grown and they all look great! LOVE the retro look.


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