Thursday, September 10, 2009


Help! I've fallen behind and I can't get caught up.

It's seeping into all facets of my life...laundry, editing, housework, yardwork, the folding and putting away of laundry (but is laundry ever really caught up, really?), organization, kid drama.... and I'm in too much of a muddle to think about what else it is I'm not caught up on. I'm 354% certain that there is unfortunately much, much more.
*ominous drums beat in the distance*

Life is quite adeptly kicking my behind of late.

I am staring at my computer desk whilst scrambling to catch up on editing today and wondering how on earth such an odd assortment of things ended up here. Things like two lonely cheerios, a floss sword, a piece of play money, a baggie of toothpicks, a screw driver, a bobby pin, a necklace, a play stethoscope, a baggie of hair bands, a couple of screws, an old envelope, an old key, a "What's a Parent to Do" booklet sent home from Miss B's school for my reading enjoyment, a Dennis-made Christmas ornament from last year, a finger skateboard without wheels, a battery, another bobby pin, a Transformer blaster, a broken nerf dart, a stack of drawing papers, a ripped book cover (that isn't pictured because I think Q just toddled off with it), a candy wrapper and various other randomness have found a temporary home amid the items that actually do belong on my desk. I guess it's to remind me that I have four kids just in case I forget, since I frequently forget that I have four rug rats who demand and require my every waking moment. (written in my newly chosen sarcastic font so you can better "hear" the sarcasm dripping)

So, in the spirit of trying to catch up, I need to inform you all that I am nearly booked up through the end of the year. I have maybe 1-3 slots available. If you are wanting a session before Christmas, hurry on up and get yourself a confirmed spot on my calendar. Email me at

And now I feel better because I checked off at least one item on my tediously long to-do list.

Cheerio...I am off to battle more!


  1. OK, the pamphlet...was that coincidental? I have totally had similar varieties of stuff on my desk...namely the broken nerf dart...bobby money...and cereal. So funny. I hope things settle down for you soon!

  2. Ha! Megan, the pamphlet was just a coincidence and so fitting, eh?! And I was musing on the irony of the title and then forgot all about it while posting. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. When I get the Monotony Mommy Blues, I watch an organizational show. Man, there are some people out there that live in TOTAL filth! The excuses are always the same ones that run through my own head,

    "I dunno, it just kinda got outta control.... and then we couldn't be bothered b/c it was too much."

    Thats when I realize that I can dump the garbage, put a large portion of papers in a binder, and write a list to keep me straight... for a day or two.

    Into the fray!!! Good luck with everything darling.

  4. I LOVE the sarcastic font...hopefully I don't get it confused with the regular font and think everything you say is dripping with sarcasm.

  5. I think that even your mess looks pretty well organized!

    I loved your post about spray paint artistic and creative. How do you get anything done with all your rug rat madness? amazing!

  6. I keep looking back at the picture trying to find all the items you named. Like an "I Spy" book! I love those books, they kept me busy at the orthodontists office so many years ago :)

  7. I WISH! I would love to book an appt and have amazing pictures done by you! Could you just come on out to Texas and hook us up??

  8. Love your sarcastic font! We were totally talking about that the night before! I hear ya! I feel like I am drowning with so much work to do!!! But yes I agree even your mess looks good! ;)


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