Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Rest

Here are some others from the two shoots I did for Q's one year mark. First we went out with his little bud. Luckily Q couldn't walk in these cowboy boots so I could catch him holding still and standing. Yay!

We took some snaps for their birthday party invites....

Notice any differences?

This door was outrageous!

Did you notice the difference in feet size? If not, here's their shoes for proof....I have a giant baby.... *sniff*

And then I went out later to this fabulous red house with a matching barn and snapped a few of Dennis. He's been lacking in the photo department lately.


  1. Awwww...! :) So vintage and fun! Your kiddies are growing up, but don't despair! They are still as adorable as ever!! (It can be sickening though, isn't it??)

  2. Hey I was surprised when I checked your blog... giant babies are cute too. I just went to your house this morning and Q came right up to me and grabbed onto my leg and cried when I put him down it made my heart tug a bit.

  3. ADORABLE PICS!!! I am soooo in love! Cute little cowboys & adorable GQ boys! That dor is amazing! Love the shoe size diff! Too funny!

  4. I feel your giant baby pain. It's like we've been robbed. But the pictures of the little guys couldn't be cuter! It's sweet they're each other's best friends already. :)

  5. and of course handsome Dennis!!! ;)


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