Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekend Whim

A bit ago we decided to pack up our beach gear and head to San Diego for a couple of days. We woke up EARLY Saturday morning and drove a few hours...ate lunch...drove a bit more and finally found Coronado Island. The kids were out-of-their-minds excited to be going on an actual island. Also, all following photos were taken with the little point and shoot, because I did not want to haul my big camera to the sandy, hot beach ....just as a disclaimer for quality assurance purposes.

Okay, first off--we learned that a stroller is not so beneficial on a long walk to a beach through deep sand with no sidewalks in sight. Until later when it was nap time. However, having kids to help haul the gear IS beneficial!

Q thought he was in baby heaven. There was sand, bits of seaweed, room to roam, plenty of buckets and shovels...what more could you ask for? He set right to work playing before we could even change his shirt.

The sand at this beach was outrageous. It was gold and shimmery and upon close scrutiny, I found it full of GLITTER! Like reallifecraftstoreglitter. For days and days we were picking sand as well as glitter out of the kids' hair. How bizarre is that? A beach that grows glitter!

Dennis played in the waves with Dad and the big kids a bit, but he really loved hanging out with the Q and I and digging to his little heart's content. See...?

Mr. C would visit me on the beach frequently after the ocean flipped him end to end for a tissue, a towel, and a quick breather before the next go-round.

During one such break, we buried him. He thoroughly enjoyed the matter until Q crawled all over him, covering his face in sand...

Miss B didn't get flipped as often and was therefore hard to photograph as a result of staying in the waves with Dad non-stop.

After a cat nap and a quick shirt swap, Q was at it again...chasing seagulls with a bit of seaweed in tow for waving in the air, chewing thoughtfully on, or generally dragging about.

My Travel Agent/ husband found this very fabulous BBQ place and we had some tasty ribs, barbecued chicken, onion rings the size of your face, coleslaw, fries and those cute little wipe packages.

Q loved him some rib bones to gnaw on. Baby heaven all over again...but answer me this. Why does a happy baby always equal giant messes? The genes of Dennis perhaps?

On Sunday, we went to church, took a walk on a lovely beach where we saw some seals then headed over to the beautiful San Diego Temple to show the kiddos and play around on the grass. After which we drove home. It was a lovely, whirlwind trip.


  1. Man you are a busy girl. Great beach photos, I love the way they look. Have a great one, Tammi

  2. So fun, what a great getaway I love that beach, so pristine!

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast. We went to San Diego this past weekend as well and Jeremy was insistent that we drive to see Coronado. It is beautiful! San Diego must have been the palce to be cause I think I saw another person from our ward there:)

  4. It looks like you were alone on that desert island...

    I wish I could have come on this trip :) Next time, batman!

    I love the picture of everyone heading to the beach single-file and Q is the only one turned around! Classic. L looks like he is loving it too :)

  5. Love the design in the 'sand only' shot. So cool! And how about that 'Rockets To God' temple?? Isn't it amazing?? Definitely my favorite one. :)

  6. Looks so fun. I really wish we lived closer to the ocean.

  7. I love mini vacations...I do not like all the sand that stays for days in your hair!

    I can't believe that story about the's so scary how fast it can happen...and how you were just enjoying the simplicity of life when it all happened. I am so glad that he is okay. Your shirt okay too?

  8. SO funny! When we lived in Vegas we did the same thing. Sometimes you just gotta get out of town and have a change of scenery. Hope that you got a little r&r now that you'll be sweeping sand out for the next 3 years. I say that b/c we took our beach toys to the new water park and they still have Coronado sand in them.

  9. Huhmm heaven...sand, seaweed and bones its almost like you would let your baby chew on scissors or something, i'm embarassed for you i am. By the way looks like fun, sandy, but fun.

  10. How fun! Now that we have a van I can't wait to do stuff like this! Love the pics! We almost got married in that temple! I can't believe how big Q is!!! Such a cutie! All of your kiddos are!


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