Monday, September 14, 2009

Ye Ol' County Fair

Waaaay back when I shot that wedding in August, we were able to go to the County Fair with my fabulous in-laws. The whole group headed over just before I finished up and hit the food booths right away, planning on meeting up with me later. Unfortunately, I locked my keys in the van at the Temple and my sister and I had to wait for the dearest hubs to drive 30 minutes to bring us the extra set (luckily we had even brought the extra set!). Then the hubs and I drove straight to the fairgrounds to relieve the grandparents with all our kids. They told us to take our time and eat first as they were on to the Petting Zoo. We had a lovely Navajo Taco each and then the most heavenly, delectable bit of dessert you can fathom. I thought about taking a picture, but the hubs and I were sharing and I couldn't pause for a snap, or I'd lose out on my delightsome portion. So....close your eyes and imagine.

Imagine a bowl of small bites of hot, golden scone sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, drizzled with rich, sweet raspberries in a raspberry sauce and topped with fresh, thick cream. Did you see it... hot swirls of savory goodness swirling around you....? I'm thinking I need to try my hand at recreating it.

Anyway, after that we headed to over to the rides to meet up with the family...

It was extremely hot and extremely dusty...but the great people-watching made up for it.

Miss B rode the attractions with her cool Uncle Al. Since Mr. C stayed at home with another uncle, she needed a good ridin' buddy. Here they are off to the "Zipper".

Then on the "Gee Whiz"...

And then with Dennis on the SUPER SLIDE! Dennis rode down that sucker multiple times.

I think he enjoyed himself.

Q went home with the grandparents soon after we met up with the group so I did not get a shot of any of them. Darn!

And for some unknown reason...probably related to "Mom-brain"...I always pack inappropriate shoes when we travel. This time was no different. I wore these babies all during the wedding shoot, while we waited for keys to be brought to us and then to the fair. I hadn't brought any others and my feet definitely took the brunt of my loss of memory. Especially my little pinkie toe. I finally gave the poor little tootsie some relief by pulling it outside my shoe like so....

I got some double takes, but that was fine by me. Sweet relief!


  1. I love cotton candy at the fair, and people watching! Looks fun!

  2. Lou, are those Miss B's shoes?? Ya silly goose! Doll shoes are for DOLLS! Wait - you ARE a doll! ;) Carry on, carry on. ;) Looks like you guys had a blast!

    Thanks for the additional crepe ideas. We have been wondering what else we could do with them. We are so excited to try new recipes now!

  3. The fair is here in SLC too and I want to go so badly!! I also want to go to the circus while it's in town! The tickets are a bit pricey but I guess they have to buy food for elephants, tigers and lions!

  4. Classy, Sassy toes...I mean toe. I bet those suckers hurt. Love all the fun CARNIVALLY pics...just made that word up for ya there...feel free to use it whenever, oh and by the way if you do recreate that yumminess I would like to be a recipient of it...thankyou very much.

  5. i LOVE your pictures. Love them. I'm a friend of Tonia's and I enjoy strolling through your blog enjoying your talent.

    I'm up here in Kodiak, Alaska and I've started to experiment with photography. I'm using PSE but looking forward to getting PS. I'm wondering what actions you used for your pics (if you used an action) because they are absolutely gorgeous!


  6. How fun! I can't remember the last time I went to a fair! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Your poor toe...that is the worst! Beautiful pics as always! :)


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