Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Copper Highlights

When my good friend said she found a fabulous copper wall for her family pictures, I was overthemoon excited. Then the landscapers went and put a tree in front of it and we were a little worried, but in the end I think the tree added.

And being the super crafty, creative and genius mother that she is, she used some old, worn-out shirts to make these great bows for herself and the girls. She also made herself a wonderful button ring that you can just see on her right hand. The talent. It astounds.

I absolutely had a blast with these photos because of all the fun coloring. I don't often get turquoise, magenta, copper, purple, grey and blue all in the same helping. It's nice to have good-looking kids wearing those colors too. Actually, it's delightful.

The Mister and Missus

Also, stay tuned for Christmas Cards. I have been busy in my "spare time" putting together some fun and different card options for availability. I just need to add a few for those.


  1. heart the layerd sweater dress, heart the feet proped up on rocks, heart the sweet kid smiles, and of course, heart the copper wall.

  2. gorgeous family. Love the wall and love the sweater dress. Such eye candy. Tanni

  3. Hmmmmmmm what can I possibly say about these pictures? Nothing you haven't already heard. Thanks so much E, they're fabulous.

  4. Great pictures! Probably somewhat easy with such good looking peeps! Love love the wall!!

  5. I LOVE these colors!!! Cute family too! And Jolene amazes me too, she is so creative!

  6. Lovely flamly!

    I deeply enjoyed the cooper tones and all the fun accessories. I liked little A's feet on the light and R is one darn good lookin' dude!

    I have to say though, that my very very very first impression was how AMAZING J looks! I wish I could get my hair to do that, and I can never EVER get the model leg-pop to look right with me! I do practice in my spare time :)

  7. oh, I meant to say COPPER tones.

    Sheesh, I feel sheepish...


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