Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dinner with Dad

The kiddos have the wonderful opportunity to go out with their dear ol' Dad every once in awhile on a one-on-one basis. They get to pick a restaurant, have Dad's full and undivided attention for an evening and sometimes an extra treat. This last round has consisted of a trip to the bookstore to pick out a book.

Last night it was Mr. C's long awaited turn. He was beyond thrilled and chose Red Robin for dinner. When they got back I heard all about it...the fries, the corn dog, the root beer float and some of the conversation.

Apparently while out, Mr. C proceeded to drop numerous hints like, "It sure would be great if I could get a toy.......", "I could really use a new Nerf gun..." and so on.

To which Dad finally replied something like, "I want to get you a book because I don't think a toy is going to teach you anything."

This was followed by a pause heavy with deep thoughts.

And then Mr. C blurted out, "It would teach me to share!".

That kid. In the end he got a Geronimo Stilton book, which is about like a toy to him anyway. I've already threatened to take it away if he continues to read instead of doing what he's supposed to do, like get dressed, brush his teeth, go to sleep, eat, make sure he has matching shoes and socks on, watch where he's going, do homework, and/or anything else that gets in between him and reading. Otherwise, I'll find him curled in a corner reading and avoiding the rest of the world wearing his shirt inside out and two different shoes on (not even joking about that). I can't complain too much, because it certainly is a worthy endeavor and he does get that stuck-in-the-world-of-reading trait directly from me. So, what can I say really?! Except that he's one handsome devil with a mighty fine brain on his shoulders.


  1. my favorite part of this post is the "watch where he's going". I'm pretty sure that Hannah is the same age. I love to see her read...

  2. Cute. Kids are really good thinkers sometimes!! You can't really argue with him either - it would teach him to share!!

  3. As fun to catch up. I loved seeing your creativity bursting at the seams with that birthday bash! Those rolls on the backs of the legs and cowboy boots were so cute and fun!

    How do you ever come up with so many ideas? Marshmellows, the snake, idians, cornbread and ribs, etc. Very very fun. I am sure Q will love seeing his big party someday in his scrapbook. His mama sure did a lot of work!

    I also loved your adventures back East. I can't believe how much you guys did in such a short time. Amazing! The Niagra fall shots were my favorite and I am glad that you took off that poncho to enjoy the mist and get soaked.

    Good for you guys for making it into such a second honeymoon adventure:)

  4. Awh how nice, and he is one handsome smart devil for sure.

  5. Sounds like he was having a Clark Christensen moment. ;)

  6. He is so funny! I love the sharing comment. That is sooooo C...hee,hee. Noah is like that with books too, crazy kids! N. for preschool will come to school with unmatched shoes which is funny because for preschool one of the kids has the job of pairing the shoes nice and neat. He has no problem matching other kids shoes, but his I just don't think they want or care to go find the shoes mate) LOVE IT!:o)

  7. what handsome guy! & that is hilarious! he is a crack up!


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