Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Spite Of

As you must know, my children are of model behavior. They never fight. They always do their chores. Their rooms are always and completely spic and span. Their fingernails are clipped and clean. Random toys, toilet paper pieces, pencils, socks, bottles, books and half-eaten somethingorothers never lay haphazardly strewn in halls and rooms. Q never follows me around continuously unloading pots and pans from cupboards and never puts the mixer in the dirty laundry. He never plays in the garbage and absolutely does not throw my centerpiece off the table multiple times a day. And he obviously never pulls out each and every book from the bookcase or yanks off the stove-knobs. My laundry has yet to reach that insurmountable, "mountainous" stage as I am constantly on top of it. The kitchen floor is always swept with never a crumb or any dinner/snack/breakfast/lunch residue to be found beneath the highchair/table/bar. I consistently have dinner on the table at 5:36 pm and healthful snacks throughout the day. I make it a point to play learning games, sing songs, go on walks, read 20 books to the kids and have art and craft activities each and every day. I am always and exactly caught up on all emails, editing and other photography related business. I am on time to every function with my hair done, makeup on and looking fabulous. When I take out the garbage it never smells so awful I get the chills. Dennis has never, not even once or twice, found old vintage cassette tapes from my childhood and pulled out every last inch of tape into a horrible tangle. (You do remember my sarcastic font, right?!)

And despite my perfect and orderly life...I had a meltdown last night and had to hide in the bathroom...the only safe zone...for a few gloriously irresponsible minutes.

Then, as luck would have it, I have some good friends who must've been watching their Erika Radar and noticed something was amiss because I got two visitors bearing treats. Lovely, eversolovely and tantalizing treats. And still one other offered to babysit for functions she knew I had coming up without me even asking. And my hubby did clean the entire kitchen (which of course it didn't need because it is never dirty) the other night while I was away helping with a commitment for church. I am certainly thankful for good friends, a helpful hubby and sugar.

I have a thing for Marshmallow Creme....shhhh...don't tell.

Although I must admit, a good meltdown once in awhile does kick everyone in gear. Miss B quickly changed the laundry, the big boys scurried to clean the loft, their rooms and the destroyed book case. They all straightened this and put away that along with giving me lots of hugs, 'I'm sorry's, and 'I'll do better's. I feel better this morning. And yes, that is one of many giant spoonfuls of Marshmallow Creme. Don't judge me. It makes me happy...and a little ill.


  1. LOL! That is awesome. :-D I remember when my mom had her meltdowns, boy did we ever get our butts in gear and start cleaning things up! Heehee. :) I'm glad you have good friends. Friends are the oil between the hinges that keep the hinges from completely smoking up and crumbling apart. And by the way, marshmallow cream is meant to be eaten by the heaping, extra large spoonful, BY ITSELF. Its pure, white, fluffy, celestial, unadulterated self. :) Without guilt. Even with said days, know that you are THE MOST amazing wife, mother and friend. :)

  2. Had a meltdown this week as well. Thank goodness our kids need to know that we ARE human.

    And we SO had the same childhood. Those tapes are ever so familiar!

    Hope next week is better!

  3. I love the yellow stripe background! I love the brown color, you inspired me :)

  4. Your eyes are popping in that picture, please don't mistake that for pooping, totally diffent yet simalar in spelling. And I am soooo glad the sarcastic font has made it back to your blog. I do love me some good sarcasm.

  5. Okay, your eyes are BLUE! They must have become bluer with your darker hair color. Nice.

    There really is something there about having a breakdown now and then and seeing people actually kick it in gear and help out. D told the kids I was on my way to a mental hospital the other day if they didn't help. That was nice too. Not!

    As for fluf...ever had a fluffernutter? That's the only kind of pb sandwiches my kids eat. pb and lots of fluff. yummy

  6. Sometimes meltdowns are very effective!! Your children were perfect when they were here, by the way. And if I'm not mistaken, my son may have helped with the tape mess!! Sorry for that!

  7. Oh Darling, from one mom of nut jobs to another, I SO empathize. You know I do. Either you have MAJORLY inefficient metabolism, or the whole marshmallow thing is a hoax. Or maybe you just eat a spoonful, and not the whole jar. In a sitting.

    As for the tapes, I would rewind them, then take them to a store where they can transfer them to a cd. Get two copies. One to play in the car, thus getting scratched, and one for your safety deposit box to enjoy at the old folks home on your retrofitted ipod. :D

    When life hands you lemons, use them to squirt into the eyes of people who ticked you off in the first place.... ;D

  8. You're so funny and your hair looks fabulous! I love the sarcastic font and a good meltdown really will work wonders every now and then. The key is to not have them too often. Then the kids start catching on. Enjoy your marshmellows!

  9. Just got to say love your hair color!!! It looks awesome! Yeah I've been melting down almost everyday, the terrible twos are dawning and I'm not too excited, I just wan to pull my hairs out!!!! ahhhh


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