Thursday, October 15, 2009


Why do they have to grow up so quick?

It seems pregnancy lasts a lifetime but then one year slips by before you know it.
Murphy's Law I suppose.

But I digress. Anyway, I just found these from when 2 month old Q and I were waiting in the van for the rest of the fam to get back from a hike. We had planned on joining, but it was much too windy, so we hung in the car and luckily I had my little camera with me. Look at those sweet chubby cheeks and big blue eyes.... *double sigh*

Now he's folding his arms for prayer, picking up his feet while I put his pants and shoes on, saying words, laughing just because we're laughing, talking on phones, driving cars (okay, well just toy ones) and etc. It's amazing what they can learn and how much they grow in one short year.


  1. People say that babies grow up SO FAST based on one simple concept: YOU ARE SO SLEEP DEPRIVED you don't know if it's Easter or Thanksgiving! The days are like weeks, and the weeks are like days. You pray for their nap time and then cringe when you hear that baby cry - that cry that no one but mom will answer- at 2:39 in the morning.

    Now that you've slept through the night a bit, it seems like it flew by. The time/space continuum has been restored. Days are like Days and Weeks are like Weeks. *siiigh* You can come snuggle my baby in April, and I'll go take a nap...

  2. I love it! And you are probably exactly correct. The universe makes sense again!! And what?! Number 4 in April! Congrats Katrina!

  3. Isn't it so true? The last two years have been the fastest in my life. It's crazy.

  4. I know! At times I want them to grow up a little....but lately I just want my sweet Isabella to stay small cuddly and sweet and wished I would have done the same with my boys.

  5. He is adorable! He could totally be on the cover of a BABY magazine. He's a real ladies' man. :-D

  6. What a sweet little guy. I hear ya on that one. I feel the same about Kyle. I love my pregnancy pictures that you took and look at them all the time. (Thank you again SO MUCH for doing those) And, then I look over and see my little man running all over the place destroying things- what happened?! I loved all your pics of your trip- that is so great you guys were able to get away!!

  7. He is adorable....we can all relate with that sigh of sadness!


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