Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Candy Colors

I had a ball with these guys the other night! They are good friends and it was fun to laugh and take pictures. And the colors they wore are so super yummy...like candy almost.

We braved a bee hive...or rather an entire condemned house turned bee condominium. There were bees everywhere.
Such sweetness...

I photographed the two older kidlets a couple of years ago and you may recognize this gorgeous thing from my main website page.

This last picture is just so... fabulous... (there's that word again...but it's just too great a word to ignore any longer...)

Oh and check out the cool broken glass on the ground. Love it.


  1. oh my gosh! I love them all!!! Such a gorgeous family to photograph! Glad you had a "ball" hahaha :) You did a great job as always! Such adorable kiddos!!! C looks so scrumptious! A looks sooo beautiful & J looks oh so handsome! & of course mom & dad look like some hot stuff! :) M changed the color of her shirt! Way cute!

  2. You did such a great job! I loved the purple tights up close...helps that the family is adorable.

  3. They look *FABULOUS*! The colors are amazing too. I'd say, that is the cutest red barn....bee's condo...EVER!M.'s shirt really is a great contrast too.

  4. I do think you would have to look pretty hard to find cuter kids...and mom and dad too!!

  5. Super cute. I love green and I love babies ruffly pink sweater!

  6. stunning! this family doesn't seem like they could be real, more like a family made up of models in a catalog! :)

  7. I love looking at your photos. You sure are amazing with that camera. Which leads me to this question.... Someone in our ward is wanting to start up a photography club and it sounds like it should be fun. She asked me if I knew anyone that would be interested and I thought of you. Let me know if you are interested.


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