Monday, November 2, 2009

The Force Was With Us

Dennis was the beloved R2D2. His costume came together nicely with a big silver bowl, some poster board, and lots of construction paper.  I found a photo of R2D2 and followed the design as closely as I could for his body and head. We couldn't figure out how to get the bowl to stay on his noggin though and after lots of trial and error, I finally duct taped it to his bike helmet and it worked wonderfully (although by the end of the night his head was a little achy due to the heavy bowl... the price we pay for awesomeness...).

Mr. C was Luke. His costume was by far the easiest. And he was probably the most comfortable, except for his mummified lower legs. He was also concerned about his chest showing, so we had to periodically tighten his tunic.  His tunic consisted of a robe from the thrift store that I cut to the length I wanted and then rolled the sleeves.  We added a belt at his waist and ace bandages to his lower legs.

Our little Yoda was played by Q and he taught us all about his infinite Jedi powers.

Of course later he got a bit frustrated with our lack of learning...or maybe it was with his costume....

Miss B made a lovely Padme in her arena outfit. Luckily we just bought these boots for the beginning of the school year and they worked perfectly. Not many people knew who she was...only big fans, but it was fun anyway.

Her hair took me forever and gave her a major bobby pin headache, but it was worth it.

I was Princess Leia and my hair took awhile also, as well as lots of hair spray, a good amount of gel, 4 pony tails and 31 bobby pins.

Dear Han Solo worked the day away repairing the Millennium Falcon, (er, I mean the dryer). It has only been partially drying clothes and that's if we put it on the highest heat setting for 95 minutes. And even then, we have to re-dry about 80% of the loads. But after some research and a new lint hose, it works amazing and in 1/4 the time. I can maybe keep up with my laundry mountain a little better...maybe!

Needless to say, with all of that working...I didn't get a picture of Han before the craziness began, and we all know it's nigh unto impossible to get pictures after the craziness.... But he looked the part and was me.

We also carved some pumpkins and made some caramel apples to complete the day's festivities. I kinda liked Halloween on Saturday.

We've spent the last couple of days in a haze of candy wrappers and Laffy Taffy jokes. Dennis loves to be like the big kids so he wanders around "reading" jokes off the Starburst packages. His jokes consist of two that he overheard and memorized. His favorite goes like this...

"What did one window say to the other?"

....give up?....

"I'm in pane."

Let's just say we're a little weary of that one.


  1. Wow! You guys look amazing! I might have to steal your idea one of these years. My son LOVES Star Wars! I always give bonus points for family themes! And so clever with R2D2!

    You were right about Toy Story. I'll be posting some pics this week.

  2. Great costumes! They turned out great! I think your hair was perfect! You guys are so fun, can't wait to see what you all are next year!?

  3. Hey, everyone looks great! Must have been fun going with a theme.

  4. Love Brynnas and your hair. Looks like real work. The metal bowl was quite brilliant. It is sad that it is already over. I wish I got to see you altogether dressed up. Tammi

  5. Welp, my hat goes off to ya, Lou! I figure if you started getting everyone's costumes ready by 7:00 a.m., you were MAYBE ready to trick-or-treat around 6:00 p.m., right?? SO AWESOME! Love the theme. :)

  6. You all look great. Thats a lot of bobbi pins!! And YEAH for the new dryer hose!

  7. LOVE the R2D2 costume. It's perfect.

  8. Love it, so sad I didn't get to see them in person though. Where is your gun and are you sure it wasn't 33 bobby pins instead of 31? B's hair is insane...where'd you come up with that one?

  9. Just stopping by to tell you you were my handmade halloween costume winner this year and then I noticed these costumes were from 2009! Ha, wonder what you guys were this year? Off to find out ...




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