Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy, Happy

Today is Miss Em's very FIRST Birthday!

We went out a bit ago to document the greatness...

She smiled and totally posed it up for me.
And check out those rolls. I am absolutely in love with the little ankle rolls. Scrumptious!

I sat her on this retro red suitcase facing me with her two little legs hanging over the edge. She then proceeded to move and pose and I like what she came up with much better. I mean look at the perfection...a leg pop, a toe point, a great smile...doesn't get too much better.


  1. Yes, happy birthday! Such a doll - what perfectly sweet pictures! :)

  2. SUCH great photos! Makes me sad that we moved away from you. So cute, so colorful! Love it, love it!

    My favorite kid pic you ever took though has to be Benjamin running through the fountains. My all time fav. :D

    These look great!

  3. What an adorable child! And that pink and brown polk-a-dot shirt has GOT to be THE CUTEST shirt I have EVER SEEN!!! I'm glad she was so helpful for you. :)

  4. Her parents better watch out, she's a doll and already posing like that..I love those tights on her chubby little legs

  5. The suitcase has to be my favorite!! She is such a poser. You caught her sweet, funny personality perfectly as usual! Love them all...

  6. That little girl is so stinkin cute. I feel so priveledged that she kisses my little guy all the time. :)

  7. Ok...she needs to go directly to Hollywood and Star in Movies! She is the cutest little girl I've ever met! And I totally agree with ya Erika....scrumptious rolls! HaPpY BiRtDaY!

  8. I am so bummed I can't get your talent this year for pics....I will have to book you earlier! I LOVED your Halloween it hard to be so creative? You make it look so easy, especially that great cooking party you did for Ms. B. I think you sound like the world's best mom! Seriously! Can you give me some pointers on party making and color coordinating and fun food?

  9. Darling! I forgot she's right there with our 3 boys! I love her big eyes. She looks so fun to dress, like a baby doll ;) If I were her mom I would plan her outfits for the week. Man, I love dressing babies!!


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