Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm Running Out of Titles Again

We went out to the desert for some picture fun.

And I already know these guys so it was easy, relaxed and funny...

This handsome fella attends preschool with Dennis.

This is his little brother.

This one is just fun. A couple of active boys...

Never fear...I have traditional ones as well...I just liked these candids.


  1. I do love these pictures. L's face cracks me up. He looks so serious.

  2. I love the tire shot, what an awesome local prop! I must say that I am also diggin' the kids-in-motion shots too, it's more than just a picture...

  3. I love this family!! Such a cute one! You can tell P. enjoyed thsi photoshoot. Love the tire, and the bench! Great Job...again E.

  4. fingers aren't behaving today...(THIS)

  5. Love P in that jacket. SO cute. Little boys are a crack up!


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