Monday, November 16, 2009


I love repeat clients. I am so excited to see how the kids have grown and catch up a little. Plus I'm not as nervous because I've already met them!

Luckily this family lives right next door to this desert extravaganza. And it was just the perfect amount of overcast that day...

With such a handsome little buddy and a wondrous setting, how could I go wrong?

This little gal is a complete riot! As soon as I walked in the door, she told me I was beautiful and stole my heart right then and there. She also loves to pose and says the most outrageous things. She definitely kept me laughing.

And remember the baby in a red kilt awhile back? Here he is all grown up and in a blue kilt that matches his sister's little highland dress.


  1. Super Cute! I love the bright colors: Orange and Turqouise what a delicious combination. Love the little girls hair and bow. So fun.

  2. Beautiful kids! Love the saguaros in the background!

  3. I love this little family, they are picture perfect.

    That grass looks good enough to grassy cotton candy or something!


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