Thursday, November 19, 2009

We've Got Spirit

It's Spirit Week around these parts and we've had quite a blast with it.

Our favorite days have been Decade Day and Crazy Hair Day.

For Decade Day, Mr. C chose to dress from the 50's as a greaser...
He would not smile for anything. He said he had to look cool. I had to take a few shots because he was so hilarious and it was hard to get the cool look just right without it coming off as sad, mad or frustrated...
After school he told me he was a little bummed he didn't wear a leather jacket, because apparently So and So had one and it was so completely awesome. I told him that we didn't have any his size to which he replied, "We should've just bought one!" Kids these days.

He also told me we should do his hair like this every day because it was "so cool".

Miss B was straight from the 60's. She got all into it too. Funny kids.

But she was most excited for Crazy Hair Day.... let's just say I had to wake up earlier than usual to transform her into a tree.

Take note of her brown was a very thought out choice. She definitely likes to be thematic.

Can you tell what we did for Mr. C?


  1. hahaha! i love it! what a stinkin crack up!!! is mr. c's bed head???

  2. love miss b's thematical outfits & hair! she rocks!!!

  3. So cute. I love the greaser hair do and pics on C, Claire told me all about "greasers" yesterday, and their hair looks great!

  4. You just might be the coolest mom around!

  5. Too fun! Most of the time I am not willing to get up early for crazy hair day though - we have pulled off some interesting ones! I love the tree and the bed-head!!

  6. Love thecrazy hair. Ingenious. I think that C could bring back the greaser look, you need to buy him a leather jacket and see if it catches on. Tammi

  7. Now that is a whole new kind of bed head! I like it. :) And tree hair... never seen that one before, but I like that, too! She'll be a trend setter. -Kind of a spin off of Pippie Longstockings. Where on earth did you get the idea for tree hair anyways??

  8. You are such an awesome mom!! I love the pictures. Will you send me some? Thanks!

  9. ahhh CLASSIC. Those are pictures you save for their wedding day!

    Love 'em!

  10. The tree turned out great! I didn't see it. And I LOVED Christian's greaser. He fits the part perfectly!


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