Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I made it! *huge sigh of relief and tears of joy* This is the last holiday, family shoot for the year. I have had a great time meeting all of the different families and making some memories!

The sweet little babe in these pictures was only 2 weeks old. And their pictures were so easy and quick! We were done in about 1 hour and we had a newborn and 2 year old in the mix...uncanny.

He even gave me a sweet, little smile in his slumber.

And good thing we live in AZ, or these outdoor newborn pictures might not be as doable...

How many of you yawned?


  1. Love the sweet newborn pics, can it be true, it makes me want a baby? way. Anyhow love the little boys sparkly brown eyes, they are gorgeous, is that okay to say about a boy?

  2. What is this, have you found the perfect family AND they are photogenic?!

    Very very wonderful shoot indeed!


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