Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Quest

For the perfect tree...

My kids love it. The pine trees, the mountain, the snow, the cold...those aren't found where we live and so they revel in all of it.

It's also fun to dig out our random winter wear from years living in Minnesota. Brings back fun memories.

I kept telling Mr. C he looked like a lobster with his red jacket and over sized claws, er gloves.

And he had some strange wind burn rash on his face that day. Mysterious.

Each time we caught a glimpse of Dennis, he had a snowball in his mitten, a mischievous look in his eye and a sneaky smile on his face. He undoubtedly got a kick out of throwing snowballs at unsuspecting family members. He told me after that it is "just so fun to play in the snow with real trees instead of pretend ones".

This time my fun aunt and her family came along.

We posed with our "kill". I'm not sure I pulled off the tough face too well and my wonderfully, bubbly aunt has a constant smile so I don't think she could've pulled it off either...even if she tried, although it doesn't look like she tried too hard!

Miss B was beside herself to find this bit of moss and took it back to Grandma's to make a moss farm. Too bad we left it there. LOVE the hat though, don't you...the shape is stellar! It's like there's a giant cupcake underneath.
Q had to to be carried everywhere since he could hardly move... what with his 72 layers of clothes and all. Plus the little plants, rocks and forest floor only added to his general clumsiness. But Grammy was happy to oblige.
And so was Daddy
And finally the cutting down of our tree. Poor hubby was a little bummed... We couldn't get as big of a tree this year as we usually do because of a shorter ceiling in the room we are putting said tree in. He lives to have a Griswald Family Tree, so it took him a bit to get used to this "tiny" tree.


  1. I really need your email address. First off, looks like great fun. Kudos to your family for keeping it "real".

    No big deal about the said photo club (I had to try your verbage out, I like it!).

    It would basically (as I believe) would be like a book club (sort of). You would just come when you could and not when you can't. We would rotate houses and the host chooses a tutorial or photo topic to share that interests them. It could be about potography or editing, whatever. And there would be monthly photo challenges. I do believe that was the plan.

    If you want I could have your email added to the list (let me know if you know anyone else that might be interested). Like I said no preassure attendance. And it wouldn't start until the end of January. That felt like a sales pitch, no offense taken if laundry is bogging you down. However if you have to wash your hair, I am offended. Tee-Hee!

  2. I love the look in N's eyes. Classic!

  3. Ah, but that is a perfect tree. I should very much like to see it decorated... And I LOVE the smell of fresh pine! I've had a fake tree for quite some time and miss that smell of fresh Christmas trees! Lucky you guys!

    And you're right. Mr. C DOES look like a crab. Click, click! ;)

  4. what if C's hands really were that big, that would be kind of odd/funny. Glad you're "fun" aunt came along, not your "unfun" one, and Miss B and her moss, texture issues all over again. And I think if you really were a dedicated wife you would let you're husband have the Griswald tree he deserves and put it on the stairs or something. Gee what's wrong with you?

  5. I was there too!! Only I had to contemplate the splendor in silence! I couldn't even let an audible laugh escape my frozen lips.

    I love Tree Hunting! How come everyone ends up looking like refugee's on this Christmas tradition?! HA!

  6. Love your killer look. I think the whole forrest shivered when they saw your look. Maybe some day we shall actually cut down our own christmas tree. Maybe. I would probably have to chop, saw, carry, and attach the tree to vehicle myself, so the chances are pretty slim. Tammi


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