Monday, December 28, 2009


The gifts were wrapped...
The stockings were hung...
And the shoes were set out (remember we do wooden shoes instead of stockings, although the stockings are nice for decoration)...
And then we undid it all the very next morning!

If you look close, you can see the pineapple in my shoe behind Miss B. Santa got a little creative and brought some fun, different fruits instead of the regular apples and oranges. Other than the pineapple, he brought a kiwi, a couple varieties of pears, mini bananas, and tangelos. And we've quite enjoyed eating all of them the past couple of days.

Q walked around, happily slurping on as many candy canes and Hershey's kisses he could find.

Dennis received this oversized container of Tinker Toys and it was a hoot watching him try to carry it!
I found this awesome "leather" jacket for Mr. C and knew he had to have it after he dressed up as 50's greaser and discussed the coolness that is leather jackets. He also loves Calvin and Hobbes, so we set him up with a few.

Santa left this rocking horse for Q. It sings some hysterically cheesy songs while moving it's mouth and it took Q a bit to warm up to the thing. He dances to the music now, so all is well.

Awww...the mess! I do love it. It is part of Christmas for me, although we always end up missing a present and have to search for it...
There are five people in this glorious mess of wrapping paper and boxes. Can you spot them?

Santa brought Dennis these very fun motorcycle racing guys.

Miss B with a couple of her gifts. Santa brought her a handheld sewing machine. She is super excited because she loves to make little clothes for her stuffed animals. We have it all figured out except how to tie off a stitch. Also, Mr. C made this bulletin board for her room. I had an old one and he helped me take it apart, refit it with new fabric and paint the frame. We had all of the kids make gifts for each other and it was a blast. It was probably the best part of the season.

Mr C asked for Legos for Christmas and Santa did not disappoint. My kids have never had Legos and WOW, do they love them. The three big ones spent two straight days building and building and playing and was awesome!

Dennis posing with a new Lego guy and his pillowcase from Mr. C.

Miss B made each of the boys paper airplane books complete with a decorated cover page, instruction sheets for different airplanes and a folder of paper.

Dennis made the other two kids felt covered pens that he and I decorated to look like animals. Miss B really loves pandas...

Anyway, 'twas a the house is destroyed but who cares, right?! Hope yours was just the same...(the holiday, not necessarily the house).


  1. the handmade gifts make me want to cry they're so pretty/thoughtful/cool!! what a fun christmas!!

  2. Your Q is just like my 2 year old nephew - always seeking out and slurping down candy canes and chocolate as quickly as his teeth and circumstances will let him. I had to scroll back up to see what Q was wearing so that I could find him in the "Where's Waldo" family pic. But I finally found him! :) The handmade gifts are awesome. I'd do the same if I could get any decent ideas to cross my brain!

  3. Q looks pretty dang happy in all of thos pics. The hand made gifts turned out awesome and I am excited to look at Miss B's airplane instruction manual. Looks like you all had fun, fun, fun!

  4. It looks like a "Norman Rockwell" perfect Christmas! Tell Santa that she did a totally awesome job. :D

  5. I love the mess of paper everywhere. I wonder if I could pull it off. Love the gifts the kids made. Aiden was the same as Q eating, eating, eating.

  6. You captured the best parts of christmas! Where were you in your fun pajamas and lego-making skills? :)


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