Monday, January 25, 2010

A Cactus Parade

We tried a different hike the other that wasn't as crowded with other hikers...and we saw many, many types of desert flora. We especially took note of all the varieties of cacti (we must say cacti for Mr. C insists upon it). We took note as to avoid any unnecessary collisions with said cacti. And happily, we were collision free!

We saw lots of prickly pear cactus...

...bunches of saguaro

(even a hawk)

and gobs and gobs of cholla , also known as the jumping cactus.

The kids were fascinated that the cholla could jump and we explained how they don't really jump, but that any slight brush against them would cause a segment of the spiny arms to separate from the main cactus and stick to you. Can you spot the delightful little balls of fun on the ground in the above picture? Mr. C and Dennis enjoyed tossing rocks at them and watching the segments fall off...from a good distance of course.

Here's an up-close for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, it was a delightful and informative walk. The weather was beautiful and we even came upon some puddles to throw rocks in, which is always a hit with young and old alike.


  1. Oh Cacti oh cacti...that is pretty dang cool about the jumping cactus I would like to see it. Love Qs last 'serious' photo. Thanks for the textures too, you're the best.

  2. When we drove down near Tortilla Flat, we did Alphabet Cacti. A - Z in upper case and lower, you can find a cactus in just about any shape. I noticed that you were hiking the Arizona "Y" there... ;D

  3. gorgeous pictures! I love the desert, and it'll be all 'a bloom in a week or so - maybe it'll be time for another little hike. :)

  4. I have worked with people that are just like jumping cholla. To a T. Glad it's not me!

  5. Hikes, oh hikes. In AZ they are fun! All that amazing looking CACTI! We desperately need to try a new trail! It's just too easy to stick with the same old. I like the one of the with the water coming


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