Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Hug from Dennis

The other day Dennis came up to me with a very endearing look on his face, put his arm around my shoulders, and patted my back followed by a quick wipe, wipe. And it was all too sweet except for the fact that I had witnessed him digging for gold only two seconds earlier. He totally tried to fake a hug in order to rid his fingers of new found boogers. I asked him about it and he confirmed it with his signature mischievous grin.

We then had yet another discussion about the purpose of tissues.

Afterwards he told me he was going to change his ways and that he was sorry and he would never wipe boogers on my back again...which is one of the nicest things anyone's said to me.


  1. Oh I am chuckling I am. At least he tried to cover up his deviousness with sweetness, he could have just wiped them on the wall, or better yet eaten them in front of you.

  2. lol! that is too funny!! kids and noses...they need those tissue lessons everyday. (atleast in our home)

  3. LOL!!!!!! That is too great. "That kid is either going to run the world or end up in jail. The jury is out." :) Where did he COME from, anyway??!!

  4. I am glad you discovered the boogies before you started walking around with them on your back! He is a smarty pants, watch out!

  5. I can just see the cute/evil look on his face and the sparkle in his eye...crazy kids!


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