Friday, January 22, 2010

I laughed and I laughed and I laughed

when I pulled up this series...

Baby sister was blowing raspberries and making ALL kinds of crazy, funny noises. Everyone was laughing, but big brother just could not contain himself...she was just sooo funny. His poses and faces of course made it all the more hysterical.

Big sister just kept cool and smiled and looked beautiful, but toward the end...she started to lose composure as well.

Anyway, I sure love these cute kiddos and their parents...

I love how this little guy tells my Dennis that "goodbyes are hard, but we will see each other again soon..."

This beautiful lady is smart, sweet and so mature for her age. Conversations with her are always a delight.

And what can I say...I just love this one's waddle. It is so darn adorable. Oh and her big brown eyes are too.

It's just nice to have friends that are like family...especially when you live far away from yours.


  1. Those are hilarious. I love Avery's "come on guys, be serious" face. She couldn't keep it up though. I love them all. And ditto to your nice words!


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