Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Love Rocks

Well, actually we both do. He loves to gather them and hold them and stare at them and occasionally toss them. I love that while he's holding them, he will hold still for me.

Subsequently, he is holding a rock (or two) in each and every picture.

Oh and he sure loves to be outside too.


  1. What a cute lil' boy! And come to think of it...ya, rocks are pretty cool.

  2. I love to step on rocks bare foot...that rocks for sure.

  3. What a sweetie.. GREAT PICTURES! I love rock n roll..

  4. Man, he looks just like your baby pictures!! He's gonna be a little heart breaker :o) Love the pictures!

  5. I love how the sunshine comes through Q's ears! They turn all glowy and golden. What a desirable little leprechaun! I want to flip and to kiss them! lol I kind of have a thing for ears... Just ask my poor husband. :-S Ah well. :)

  6. I like the one that needs the caption, "Eh... I can't find my keys. Has anyone seen 'em around here? Anyone?"


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