Friday, January 29, 2010

My Girl

I've been taking the kids out one by one for some fun (haha that rhymes).
I needed some new inspiration and a creativity boost...and lucky for me, Miss B is much easier to work with than Q who is incessantly moving.

She is a beautiful, funny thing. I mostly love that she thinks I am the funniest person on the planet. It's always nice to have a fan. We have a good time together crafting, and joking and I am so excited that she has been interested in cooking lately and has started to make a big portion of dinner for me. Hallelujah!

Oooooh and we finally got a chance to use these cool boots from Goodwill that I got ages ago. Score.


  1. I agree..she's a beautiful girl. Inside and out. She looks too old though!! I can't wait til mine are old enough to really help, what a lovely day that will be!

  2. I can't even comprehend the thought of a child just posing for a picture. I have to chase mine down. Those are really cute shots and I love the boots and bracelet!

  3. Wow - they grow up sooooo fast. Wasn't it just yesterday we were doing preschool with them? She is beautiful!!

  4. Cute boots, Cute girl, just plain cute all around.

  5. She is a doll. We all need a fan. We all could use help with dinner too, so go Brynna..

  6. the first one looks like it needs to be in a magazine! can't wait til mine help with dinner too! nice!


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