Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday I got a note from Mr. C.

Every Friday in his class, they write a letter to a family member and then in turn get a response to take back to school.

This is what I got. It made me chuckle.

Dear Mother,

This week Ally H bugged me aaaallllooootttt. She kicks my stuff. She kicked my desk. I tell her to stop, but she won't. I don't think I can survive with her at my table. Please, please make me home school.

Mr. C

After I read it I laughed and told him he was a funny kid...being all over dramatic like that. He just smiled and looked pleased with himself and his witty letter.

Then I found this lovely concoction in the kids' bathroom. It looks like intestines are floating in the soap. Finally Miss B admitted to stuffing chunks of bar soap in there. I have no idea why and admittedly, neither does she. Where she gets these hair-brained ideas of hers, I will never know.

One thing's for certain though, life is NEVER dull.


  1. your probably pretty lucky thats all it was in the soap dispenser...could have been sooooooo much worse!

  2. what a sweet boy :) give him & noah a big wet kiss for me ;)

  3. LOVE the note. He always has been a clever boy! Wow - we miss you guys. It was so fun to have kids the exact same ages to play with!
    I understand the soap thing - sounds like something Abby would do (maybe it would make a cool science experiment!).
    Tell your family hi!

  4. I think you are going to have to frame that letter, it is hillarious and the soap concotion may be from the Gearhart girls, the waste all of my soap on a regular basis, I think I made it worse by buying them bubble bath kits for Christmas because now they use the vials to make their own with all of the shampoo and anything else we have on hand. So sorry.

  5. I hope you keep that little green experiment a float. I am interested to see the outcome. She could be on to something. OR it could get clogged and stop working.


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