Monday, February 22, 2010

Baptism Pictures and a Little Brother

We went out a bit ago to take some snaps of Mr. C for his baptism invites. Dennis came along for the ride.

I am so happy with these first two. I love his long lashes and green eyes.

And of course we ran into some wardrobe problems because that's just life these days with this crazy family of six (and let's face it, laundry is not and never will be, one of my strong points).

We needed to hurry and take the pictures so we could get the invitations out, but I couldn't find his white shirt ANYWHERE or his nice khaki pants and on top of it all, his church shoes have completely disappeared. So, I quickly called a friend to borrow a white shirt, I had him throw on some nice (but a little more casual) navy cords and in the end he just had to wear his dark brown sneakers. I know, horror of all horrors. But, what else could we do...I guess it's better than flip-flops. I just tried to avoid photographing the shoe area whenever possible.

We had a few tie malfunctions too. But he had to wear it. I just found it at a rummage sale and I am completely enamored with it's paisley-ness.

The two boys had a blast together climbing on boulders and throwing rocks into the water. It was a good time.

This was obviously pre-cast.

Dennis was in dire need of some "facilities" at this point. Thus the look of slight desperation on his face.

These two are so fun with each other. They get along pretty well. There are obviously those notsogreat moments, but for the most part they make up fantastical games, stories and get into some crazy scrapes together.

Like the other day when Dennis was downstairs making a ruckus. I asked why. Mr. C nonchalantly told me he was trying to clean the gum off the back of his neck. What?! *ugh*

I rolled up my sleeves and called to Dennis to help him with the gummy mess. He whimpered and cried as I carefully picked it off the back of his neck and out of his hair.

I asked him how on earth he got gum on the back of his neck. He told me it happened while making a gum necklace. Oh. Obviously it happened during the making of a gum necklace. What was I thinking? Apparently Mr. C had successfully constructed a gum necklace and had removed it without a hitch, so Dennis had to give it a go.

What I wanna know is if Mr. C made, wore, and removed the necklace then continued to chew the gum.... or maybe I don't wanna know...


  1. That Dennis is going to put you on the map with one of his inventions one day, but it will *likely* not be the gum necklace. Shoot. Certainly, you say, it has style and creativity points, but I'm afraid the invention will need to be more practical and be able to be chewed without causing a conundrum upon modeling. ;)

  2. What a handsome boy. I didn't realize it was baptism time. Doesn't seem possible. It's nice he has a brother that he gets along with so well!

  3. Mr C. is such a handsome devil! those pictures turned out fantastic and just so you know I am totally going to ask him to re-create his gum necklace next time I see him.

  4. I love these pics, Oh how I wish our weather was like Arizona weather! Its soo hard to do pics when it is soo cold outside.

  5. Erika - I can't believe our "little boys" are turning 8 this year! Remember when they were just babies?? Is it possible that they have really grown up this fast? Is is so handsome. I wish we lived closer and that they were still playing together and having outings to the zoo and museum and our fun days on the playgrounds.
    Congrats on the baptism!!

  6. BOYS!!! They sure make trouble together, don't they?!
    I can't believe it's already time for Mr. C's baptism. Where does time go?


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