Thursday, February 11, 2010


Why is it that some days I can finish a multitude of tasks and a plethora of projects during a frenzied accomplishment parade, while others I can't ever seem to find the time to shower and all I manage to achieve all day is to feed and dress the kids and then wander around haphazardly and half-heartedly trying to de-clutter, but end up just rearranging the mess?

Weird. Where, for goodness sake, is all of that time being sucked away to?

Can you imagine what life would be like if every day were so satisfyingly busy and full of finished projects and tasks?! That would be AWESOME. I would be SO productive.

I think it may have something to do with some insight from one of my sisters. It has to do with a word she made up. It is bovered. Yes, bovered. Pronounced with a long 'o'. This is what she told me one day in a delightful email exchange during a particularly dull part of the day...

"Bovered is my new word. I made it up. My definition is burdened, overwhelmed and tired. The common result of being bovered is instead of doing everything you need to do, you end up pushing back your cuticles. "

You could add surfing the Internet, playing a video game, taking a nap, watching a mindless show, clipping your toenails, etc. and etc.... depending on your particular brand of procrastination. I think it is so true. And in the end those cuticles are looking mighty fine but nothing on the "list" has been finished.

I think what happens is that every once in awhile my time quota runs out for the day/week/month and so I end up trying to fit everything into a weird-time-warp-day and on top of it all, I get bovered and it's just a perfect storm for a profoundly unproductive day. That's it. I will blame it on a strange, inexplicable disappearance of time and a new, made-up word. Eureka! I figured it out.

So I will leave you with that sweet discovery and a couple of pictures from an accomplished, completely un-bovered day when I ordered photo collages to hang up in my empty frames.

I don't have any pictures of those unproductive days, because obviously taking a picture would have been an accomplishment...making the unproductive title null and void, plus I wouldn't have been inspired to take a photo of the mess.

{Oh and totally unrelated, there is a stowaway in one of the pictures. Can you spot him?}

And now I have spent a lot of time pushing back my proverbial cuticles by writing this post and it is way, waaaay past my bedtime. I wonder how this will affect tomorrow's productivity....


  1. Love the cuticle thing. Too funny.

  2. So true, darling, so true. I find that those days also correspond with "Aunt Flow" and it is about all I can do to just get dressed.

    Once, though, when I was feeling blah, I took a leftover percocet. ONE OF THE MOST PRODUCTIVE DAYS EVER!!! EVER! No cramps, no nastiness, and regular energy to tackle the day.

    Can't take that when you're pregnant though. Or have to drive anywhere. Mehhh. *Toddles over to couch* I guess I'll just have to wait it out... ;D

  3. I love the picture collages, how do you order that? You already read my blog about unproductiveness. These last couple of days after that blog, I have been really productive! so I think I just needed to get some steam off!

  4. Love it, love it! I can definitely relate :O)

  5. I am with you in Boverville almost everyday! Haven't had too many productive ones lately for some unknown reason. I choose to blame it on Em, but who knows!
    Love the valentines. Liams didn't even make it home, so I didn't see it.


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