Monday, February 1, 2010

Extended Family

My hubby has a wonderful family...and a very large one. My mother-in-law wanted an updated picture so we braved the daunting task of organizing colors, clothes, location etc..all to be done on Thanksgiving day when we would all be together.

Luckily they have this great field right next to their house. is riddled with horse (ahem) pies. It made arranging people interesting.

This was the best of the bunch...although what do you think of Q? (He's trying to eat my necklace...)

I do love these candids. They are fun.

Mr. C had to be quite literally torn from video game mania. He was most anxious to return and as soon as I called it quits, he was off like a shot with single-minded determination.

My brother-in-law was excited too!

Then we snapped some family shots...

The End.


  1. Those are marvelous, Lou. I especially like the candid ones myself. They're real, ya know? And what is Q doing? I can't tell exactly...Taking a bite out of your necklace??

  2. Hey, I think I know all those people! They all looked great!! I loved seeing them all in the Christmas cards this year...

  3. E!
    they are horse cupcakes! they aren't nearly big enough to be pies...

    & could you do me a massive favor & email me the second one? the one where we're still seated but it's very candid?
    they look wonderful though :) garrett is taking all the credit saying "wow.. i took such good pictures!"

  4. Love the trees with the sun setting in the background. That does look like one hard feat. But I do especially love all of the candids including Q and C running away as quickly as possible!

  5. I think I would title pics 3 & 4 as, "Annnnnd CUT!"


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