Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pillows, Flowers, Cow Pies and Berets

I've been wanting to cover my old pillows and add some fun, brighter colors to my living room for awhile now...and the other day I finally got to it.

I figured out successfully how to add these vertical ruffles I've been thinking about...

I added a few flowers to another.

Then with the last one, I couldn't figure out what to do, so I decided on one big flower. The color choice threw me for a loop and I finally settled on a nice deep brown with some great texture. I worked for half the afternoon creating the lovely masterpiece...making sure it was randomly coiled etc. I happily ran to my yellow/chartreuse pillow as soon as I finished to see how it looked.

I stared.

And I stared.

I had created a fabric replica of a cow pie. Fabulous. Just what I wanted it to look like. I sure am glad I coiled it so perfectly cow pie-ish...and luckily I chose that textured BROWN fabric to really seal the deal! Good grief.

So Q and I decided to try it on as a beret instead...

But in the end I just added some leaves to it and sewed it on the pillow. I worked too hard and too long and so the cow pie flower found a permanent place in my home to be cherished for always (or until I can't stand it any longer).


  1. Those are cute. As for the beret/cow pie...cute too. And it seems like I'm not the only one that likes to do their own photo shoots. :) I love when the creative juices start flowing.

  2. Well *I* will never tell anyone... but if someone just shouts out "Poo Head!" well... I guess they thought it looked more like poo than a beret... just sayin'.

  3. You should have just used velcro to put it on the pillow that way you could use it for two things. when you needed a stylish pillow you could have snapped it on and when you were ready for a night on the town you could have wore it for the evening....oh E when will you learn? :)

  4. LOve the family photos below. Thats alot of people. U know I love the cowpie.. Tammi

  5. I love the cow pie as a hat! Super cute pillows. And thanks for the heart healthy advice. I like the first two best!

  6. That's fabulous! I love your pillows and if you hadn't pointed out the cow-pie-ness, I wouldn't have thought that (partly because I thought the color looked more purple than brown...). Anyway, I love your pillows! Way to be crafty!

  7. Only you could pull off a cow pie as a hair accessory and make it look great!

  8. the cow pie is my favorite one! i'm sure it's EVEN cuter with the leaves. love the new banner!!!

  9. I just so love catching up on your blog. You will forever amaze me! I love the pillows/ hair barret =) You are still super creative and so fun!

  10. Lou, you are such a cutie pie...always having something clever and fun up your sleeves. :)


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