Thursday, February 25, 2010

Red Barn

I love red barns for photographs.

Too bad I don't live anywhere near where we took these pictures, because 1) I love all the fun locations we found, and 2) these beautiful people are my family and it would be a blast to live by them.

Oh and today just happens to be my sister-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday Jenae!

Do you remember the princess and the pea photos?

Now she's all grown up and smiley and sweeter than ever.

Meet her studly brothers.


This little gal is so squishy. Her legs are thee best squishy baby legs I have ever squished. Hands down.

And I did find a red barn close to me to use for pictures...remember this shoot?

Unfortunately, I went back the other day for more pictures and it is completely gone. Absolutely more trees, bushes, chicken coops, or fences. I was so sad to see it gone. I will miss everything about it...except the bees.


  1. Love those squishy legs and cheeks!

  2. Oooh she looks absolutely squeezalicious...I wonder how much squeezier she looks now and my oh my is it just me or does she have the family eyes? Also the couples photo is great.


  3. Geeze Louise! How did they get the shoes on that kid! She certainly isn't starving. :D


  4. Ih my, I could squeeze her forever. Love the red barn too. Such a beautiful family. Love the orange pictures too. Tammi

  5. Three boys and a girl...there's hope for me!


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