Sunday, February 28, 2010

Team Kids

We have been loving the Olympics this year. Every night we gather 'round the tube to watch the latest. We've enjoyed watching Ice Dancing, Figure Skating, Speed Skating, Skiing, Skeleton, Bobsled, Snowboarding, etc. Dennis quite enjoyed the spinning in Figure Skating and all of the jumps and tricks. It has been so fun watching him get excited about the amazing events.

One night for a Family Home Evening, we had the kids do a little Olympic Charades.

Miss B premiered her Speed Skating skills, Mr. C did some Halfpipe Snowboarding and Dennis of course did a smokin' Ski Jump (cuz everything with that kid involves jumping). They did such an awesome job, I had to make them gold medals.

And then we had to have an awards ceremony afterward. We gathered up some chairs for podiums, played the National Anthem and passed out the medals. It was a fine display. I got a little teary-eyed. Dad just smiled and shook his head (he does that a lot in response to my crazy ideas).

Miss B wears her medal everywhere. She is quite taken with it.

(And yes we took pictures of the oranges on the same day, hence the same clothes.)


  1. So cute E! I LOVE Dennis' pose, it is definitely a classic.

  2. what a cute idea. How fun for the kids. Did you have peach cobbler for dessert ??

  3. Those Gold Medals also could be placed in this order:
    NBC -- ding DING ding

    Heehee! :)

  4. Great family memories! I think I would've worn a medal like that did you do those things? Any kid feels super special with such attention.


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