Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. The kids and I got up and dressed in all our green today, complete with hats and necklaces. Even Dad wore a green dress shirt to celebrate. The big boys wore their big green, glittery bowlers and Miss B sported her large, sequined leprechaun-style hat complete with yellow felt buckle. They love this holiday.

And then, since it's Spring Break, we all loaded into the van to go get Dennis' cast removed. As we were walking into the office in our own little parade of green, I suddenly panicked...wondering if it was really St. Patrick's Day, because if not, we were going to stand out like craaazy. I checked my phone real quick to make sure it was in fact the 17th. I don't know what I would have done otherwise, I guess remove the hats and extra jewelry...

Anyway, we made quite the spectacle in the office. All the office ladies had to come out and take a peek and lament on their general lack of cameras. So instead of being embarrassed, the kids beamed and soaked it all up.

Oh and speaking of green...check out how much of it was found in our desert over the weekend. The rain has made the mountain an even more beautiful place this spring with all the large amounts of GREEN. I love it. And that along with this fabulously fun family, made for quite the enjoyable evening. We laughed and laughed. We hiked around for the perfect spot. We oohed and ahhed over the foliage. We found the most gigantic saguaro ever along with a lovely blooming ocotillo. It was just perfect.

The suitcase stacking was totally this beautiful gal's idea. Genius!

And for fun, since I had three suitcases...

Unfortunately my wide angle was at the shop during this shoot, so I had a heckuva time trying to get the whole ginormousness into one picture...but it couldn't be done without laying in a patch of cholla...which I just wasn't willing to do. But you still get the idea.


  1. Hi Erika- Love the pictures...thank you so much. Can't wait to see more. We had so much fun with you.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You have such a beautiful setting there!

  3. Great pics as usual, and thanks for making me laugh, as usual! Certainly you took pictures of your festive family, didn't you?

  4. Leapin' Lizards, that's a gargantuas cactus! But where are pics of the Irish Lads & Lassie??

  5. Next time, don't check the phone! According to this guy:
    we don't dress up enough! He and his new wife, Tinker Bell, dress in ALL colors of the rainbow, and tutus and frilly socks, and hats - ALL THE TIME!

    So let that bling shine honey, work those beads and shake it, shake it, shake it!!

  6. And, oh boy, do I ever love those pinks and greens! ZAMMO! :)

  7. lol. i like the story about going to the doc! i had a few thoughts of "is it really st patricks day?" "are we the only ones who dress for this holiday?" Glad to see we aren't the only crazies. :) and i love your dessert scenery with the mountains in back!! you have an amazing eye for great spots.

  8. That's funny about wondering if it really was St. Patrick's Day. I did something of the sort not too long ago. It's a funny panicky feeling.

    Is that cactus really that ginormous?

  9. I was hoping to see a pic of your fun green family! I have been thinking about your post about food too....all I seem to do is shop, cook, eat, clean and do it all over again too...very well stated.


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