Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Old Acquaintance

I met up with a long lost friend last night. One that I have not seen in months and months and months. In fact, it's been so long I forgot what he looked like. Yes, me and the bottom of the laundry basket got caught up and reacquainted. I said to him, " Well bless my soul, I haven't seen you in awhile." He just looked at me in disbelief. Then we chatted about the good ol' days when things were simpler and we saw each other quite frequently. And in the process I came upon several articles of clothing that I forgot we even owned. Interesting. Maybe we own too many articles of clothing. 

Ugh... how I detest laundry.

Next I'm off to see what mopped tile looks like...


Okay.. so I swept, I mopped, I conquered.  Phew.

And then I wondered, as I usually do, why I put off mopping for so long...because clean tile is so lovely on bare opposed to nasty, crunchy, crumb-encrusted tile that leaves your bare feet no longer bare.  Anyway, I was still wondering on my procrastination right up until lunch time.  Then I remembered why I always put it off....because it never, Ever, EVER stays clean for more than twenty minutes and the whole process seems utterly and completely pointless.  

No wonder I spot mop all the time.


  1. I just last night took pictures of all the laundry piled up around my house to do an "I hate laundry" post. I am hoping to find the bottom of my laundry pile today. It has been weeks. Oh that is a lie...months.

  2. Erika slow down, don't get crazy you can't have too many friends at one time. Good for you. Tammi

  3. Guuuurl - What you need is a Hoover Floormate! If you like clean tile, but hate bending over, getting your hands nasty, and the wonderful smell of "clean," might I suggest this totally awesome product that works like a carpet cleaner, but is designed for tile.

    It has a vacuum feature for the cheerios, the cheerios smashed dust, and random bits that accumulate on the floor. Then you just squeeze the handle while little floor brushes spin, and pull back to suck up the dirty water. When I had white tile in Arizona, I didn't even put it away. It lived in my kitchen with WHITE tile. One of my most favorite-ist investments ever!!

    As for the laundry... well, I've learned that if you turn a plate over @ the table, your kids will put laundry away a lot faster. "You can eat when your laundry is put away!" Hope that helps....

  4. You are so funny! You and your relationship with the laundry basket, that was a hoot.

  5. Your writing style is simply enchanting. I love it! You could make millions writing books, Lou. The series could be called, "The Endless Enchantments of Lou".


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