Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Bit Ridiculous

Wow! This stuff grows like crazy and it's getting a bit ridiculous. I'm afraid it's going to take on a life of it's own...maybe sprout a beanstalk to the sky or something.  I think I can even braid it.

April Fool's!

Okay, it's obviously not that out of control, but pretty's the real picture.

I got a text from my sister earlier today, accusing me of using my Photoshop skills to make the grass taller  in the previous post for an April Fool's joke. She said the use of the word "unbelievable" led her to believe I was trying to pull your collective legs....until she noticed the date.  And I'll admit I was a bit peeved that she was questioning my green thumb (although it's usually black).  Hmph. 

Anyway, it was such a good idea...I couldn't resist.

Now...all in favor of a post having to do with anything other than wheatgrass, raise your hand.

 I wholeheartedly concur.  Next time my friends, next time.

Until then.


  1. As a black thumb myself, I never doubted your grass growing skills...

    I, on the other hand,can kill a plethora of things. Someone gave me a violet on my mission. I put it out on a ledge to get some sun and air. So help me, it committed suicide! I had to pick up the pottery shards off the sidewalk 3 floors down... :( Sad.

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