Monday, April 5, 2010

Eggs, Baskets, Peeps and Grass

We started the festivities by making these little edible beauties. I saw some at Walmart and figured we could make our own, especially since I had chow mein noodles on hand and all I needed was Robin Eggs and chocolate.  Sweet.
Then Friday night we attended a flashlight egg hunt, hosted by our fabulous friend each year.  Q was thrilled to run amongst the kids and craziness.  He doesn't look thrilled, you say? Well trust me, he was.  That little sweet face and plaid shirt were smothered in jelly bean goo and chocolate by the time the night was over.
The egg hunt is pretty much pure awesomeness.  Our friend practically fills the gym floor with eggs, candy and toys and then we put out the lights and let the madness begin.  Dennis is center left in orange and a head lamp (keeps his hands free).  The two big kids were literal blurs in my other pictures! It is so super fun. I secretly wished I had a basket and flashlight.

Saturday morning we headed to the stadium for the city's big "Eggstravaganza".  We've never been and quite enjoyed our first trip.  The fields were covered with more eggs, candy and toys for each age group's hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny were roaming the grounds (I never knew there was a Mrs. Easter Bunny), we saw a lot of friends, and it was an absolute gorgeous day.


Later that afternoon we had a quick BBQ with family and then had our own egg hunt in the evening (the Easter Bunny usually hits our house Saturday) after a very enjoyable session of General Conference where I recommitted myself to being a better mother, person, friend and left me uplifted, inspired and happy.
If you are observant, you will have noticed that Q changed shirts all because red sucker + white shirt = not cute anymore.  I'm not sure about stripes and plaid, but he rocked it.

Dennis discovered a deep love for Peeps this Easter.  He would bite into one, shut his eyes and sigh deeply, enjoying the marshmallow goodness.  He would then remark on how gooood they were and how they were like heaven.  Then he would offer me a bite, explaining how there was (joy of all joys) marshmallow inside.  Little does he know that I myself enjoy a good Peep now and again.

Anyway, these mini gumball machines were a big hit because they really work, there is a coin slot and most importantly they can be re-filled with jelly beans after the gum has been fully consumed...which only takes about 10 minutes around here.  Plus I had to take a picture because, as you know...I love miniature things. 
And I know I promised posts without wheatgrass, but I couldn't help myself.  I had to show you how it turned out in the baskets.  In this first basket, I grew it on a large pile of paper towels (no soil) so it would stick out the top.  Dennis' little blue bird egg from preschool looked quite fetching amongst the green blades.
In Miss B's basket, I kept a thin layer of paper towels in the very bottom so the grass would grow, but she could still have plenty of room for eggs.  It worked really well, although the roots started growing out the bottom of the basket... I think next time I'll add more paper towels to keep the roots contained. was so busy and so sublimely delightful. I love holidays.

What's funny is I didn't think I took very many pictures at all...but it seems I did.


  1. Love the grass in the baskets. So brilliant. Fun Easter pics, such a sweet time of year.

  2. I am pretty sure I heard something about the Easter Bunny being the next "Bachelor", you know on that one show. I am pretty excited about the whole thing.
    Looks like a fun Easter, so festive at your house.

  3. Hey, it looks like you had a great Easter. Conference was great. I totally agree with you.

  4. Fetching indeed. I dig the bluebird in the grass. Also, Q DID rock that outfit! I have a funny pic of a friend I will show you that could be Q's outfit mentor. ;)

  5. Hmmmm who didn't know that there was a Mrs. Bunny? Love Miss Bs cute shirt dress very "springy" indeed.

  6. So what will you do with the wheatgrass now? Puree it and eat it like at Jamba Juice?

    Your pics turned out much better than mine did from the flashlight egg hunt....and I should hope so since you are such an amazing photographer. The colors looked great, as do your eggs :)


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