Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For Fun

I was finishing up this shoot and decided to edit a few a bit different...a little more golden and hazy, maybe a hint of vintage...and I really loved them so I decided I would share...because my mom taught me that it is very eversonice to share.  And I try to listen to my mother. She knows lots.  She's been around longer than me and loads of people like her.  I never go wrong when I listen to my mother...

Maybe someday my kids will say the same thing about me...the listening part anyway.  I sure hope.  I'm pretty sure it would make life a smidge easier.


  1. Beautiful as always! I'm jealous of your lush grass, the baskets turned out so cool. Maybe you should have a Easter grass lesson/party next year?

  2. Ah yes. I like this quite a bit! 3 Cheers for Vintage!!! And your children (not to mention friends, family, neighbors and ward members) sing your praises and listen to you all the live long day already. :) You are a marvel, Lou. We should get you a coat - multicolored, of course - and write in each colored square a talent that you possess. T'would be quite the colorful collection of Lou's capabilities. :)

  3. Beautiful colors in these pictures. And your Easter activities looked wonderful! I like the idea of you all coming to see us! We have a long beautiful summer coming up and there are, to steal a word from you, eversomany things to do here! I must tell you that I'll be in your neck of the woods this weekend, but it's a quick and busy trip and I won't have any time to see you all unfortunately. Amy is getting married! Yay! Of course you're welcome to come down and join us if you're not busy! It all happens on Saturday!

  4. I was sitting there thinking wow E has such a large vocabulary what the heck does eversonice mean? Then it dawned on me oh ever-so-nice....did I ever tell you I graduated from a ho-dunk town with only about 260 kids in my senior class its true.
    Anyhow on to the true meaning of the post I am a pick fan of that pink, oh and I love paisley too. Really does it get better than that?

  5. These are so gorgeous!! That little girl is so stinkin' adorable! I love that you caught her at all the right moments. So amazing :)


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