Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Aged Ten Years

My baby earned his Bobcat.  *gulp*
I had to paint his face to represent different characteristics.

"BLUE is from the sky. The paw print of the Bobcat on your forehead is the spirit of the bobcat. This reminds you to do your best on the Cub Scout Trail.

YELLOW is from the sun. The marks under your eyes will help you see the light of the Cub Scout trail and they symbolize the bright spirit of Cub Scouting.

WHITE is for purity. The mark on your nose helps you know right from wrong as you go along the Cub Scout trail.

RED is for courage. The mark on your chin reminds you to always speak the truth.

GREEN stands for the spirit of nature. The marks on each cheek will guide you to live in harmony with the great outdoors."

Then he painted a matching white stripe down my nose while sporting the biggest grin I've ever seen.

"WHITE is for Love and guidance, your parents are always with you in your heart and in your spirit. They will always do the right thing and will help you achieve all your Scout goals and keep you on the track of life until you are a man and can soar with the Eagles."

But when he pinned the Mother's pin on my shirt, I almost bawled right there in the gym in front of everybody.  How did this happen? I remember my mom getting those pins from my brother and there is just no way my little boy is old enough to be giving me a Mother's pin.  And now Pine Wood Derby is right around the corner, so I'm gearing up for the emotional roller coaster that it will no doubt be.


  1. Man it goes by fast. WOW, I didn't realize what a genius Landon is. Nihole is so pretty great pitures. I haven't looked at blogs forever. Tammi

  2. Lou, you are the BEST mom EVER. I mean that. You are such a great mom. :)


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