Monday, April 12, 2010

I Married a Genius

We, my genius husband and I, were visiting my brother-in-law and sister-in-law in the hospital with their new babe the other day ( luckily we just did that maternity photoshoot below) and we oooohed and ahhhhed over the new sweet darling.  She is a teeny little thing.  I forget how miniature they are and how soft their little cheeks are.

Anyway, we were heading out to go get our kids (they couldn't come to the hospital) and my husband stopped to grab a beverage from the vending machine on our way out.  As he fed his $5 bill into the machine, it sounded like he was putting it through a paper shredder instead of a vending machine (never a good sign).  Then we waited and waited and he tried to punch in his selection but it kept asking for more money.  The hungry machine had swallowed that $5 bill whole.  Ugh.  Why is it so completely irritating when one of those machines eats your hard-earned cash?  I mean it's only $5, but to get nothing out of it and have no way of getting it back, is inexplicably maddening.  We of course punched the coin return over and over and over as if by some miracle, the lovely $5 was going to come shooting back out at us.  Then my hubby asked if I had a dollar so we could see if pushing another bill in would magically make the world right again. I was just worried it would eat my dollar too!  But it didn't even accept the money at all.  It was jammed.  Jammed with that precious, unreachable $5.  I kept saying we'd just have to leave it...chalk it up with the rest in the graveyard of lost vending machine money.  My hubby just thought and thought and then thought about calling the number on the machine and then thought a bit more, then got out his cell phone, then put it back, then fretted, then walked behind the vending machine, unplugged it, plugged it back in...and that dear little bill popped right out, just like that.  Slick as can be.

How does he think of these things?  I would have left ages ago.

So...a tip from my genius hubby. If you lose a bill to a jammed vending machine, try unplugging it (and then plugging it back in of course).


  1. Well, leapin lizards, who'da thunk it?! That is simply ingenious. I would have thought unplugging it would have guaranteed the lost bill. I hope you took your recovered 5 spot promptly to a store for a guaranteed soda. And that you kicked that worthless, POS machine. :)

  2. Sadly T, we couldn't stop to get a soda because the fight with the vending machine made us behind schedule to pick up our kidlets. I did want to kick it though...but there were witnesses.

  3. How lucky you are to have a genius around! I’ll have to use that trick at work, the machine is always eating people’s money. But if anything ever gets stuck I just get a co worker that is a lot taller than me to pull the top down and let it fall. This gives it a good jostle and frees the hanging treat! Don’t let anyone see you do this tho, could be vandalism :o)

  4. Men are so logical! I would've just been emotionally distraught and taken it personal:)


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