Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've known this young lady for quite a bit now.  She is extremely motivated, dedicated, responsible and dependable.  She is also very well-rounded.  She is a budding photographer, she is involved in a variety of choir, theater and dance groups... and still finds time to babysit and attend all her church activities and functions.  She was just awarded a Presidential Scholarship and I know she will succeed in life.  She is a go-getter.

She was so fun to photograph too...we would be laughing and chatting and I'd say, okay give me a serious face...and bam, she'd go from a giggle to serious...just like that.  Years of theater training, I suppose...

Oh and do you just love my new, old camera complete with sweet pop-up flash housing a teeny light bulb?!  I do.


  1. She is such a determined young girl! Love the retro camera super cute. They turned out beautiful!

  2. GREAT parenting ahh haa moments. Ineed some for myself. Those pics ae great, she is gorgeous. My favorte is the dress and blue background.

  3. I love these. I am Natalie's sister. Great pictures. She looks so beautiful. I really love the first and last ones.


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