Monday, April 19, 2010

Number Six

This is one of my dear friends who is now five days overdue.  Poor thing.  We took these pictures the day before her due date and look how great she looks.  She is such a great mom and loves pregnancy and babies.  I hope we all get to meet her new little one very shortly.  I am sure she hopes even more than I do...

She has the best blue eyes.


Good luck!


  1. you are amazing! I love them. Thank you so much and you even made me look good. Hubby loves them :) I can't wait to meet baby too!

  2. really, I have never seen more beautiful blue eyes (except maybe in her kids)! Can't wait to meet number six!

  3. She is such a tropper..I would be down at the hospital screaming until somebody got that baby out. But I'm kind of dramatic that way.

    p.s. The google adds for this post were hilarious.

  4. She does look beautiful! Great job!

  5. Those turned out great. Love her beautiful eyes.


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