Friday, April 9, 2010

Number Two

Baby Girl due to come early next week.  

So we set out to catch some golden light.

I may have suffered temporary blindness from shooting straight into the sun.

But it was worth it.

A new baby, a new sublimely thrilling. Makes me sad I won't be going on that journey again...a big gaping sad.  And then I tell myself "You're nuts! Why in the world are you thinking that? You have four rugrats and they keep you totally and completely on your toes as it is.  Stop this nonsense this very minute."  And usually I reply with "Of course you are completely right."  But sometimes I sigh and mourn the passing of that stage. It's exciting and exhilarating, albeit sleepless and trying...but still...

But then I do have a blast with these babies of mine that are growing into fun, fine young people.  Miss B just asked me to thread the needle on her handheld sewing machine.  I quickly threaded it without a problem and she gasped and gaped and asked me how I was so very good at it.  I told her I had eagle eyes.  Then I held open my eyeballs real big and said, "See these Peepers."  She giggled and said I was weird as she ran off to sew a mini pillow for some lucky stuffed animal of hers.   I love moments like those.  I guess this is a new and different journey.  Exhilarating and thrilling just the same.  Plus I get more sleep.

And believe it or not, our five combined kidlets were there too...content to chase birds, bunnies, butterflies  and each other.


  1. She looks great. I think we all feel that itch of newborn babies....maybe that is why grandma's do such a great job at holding the babies at church?

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  3. Glad you're not completely blind from the shoot. I am digging the umbrella my friend and I love the barefoot dress picture. Also the "site" worked wonderfully I think.

  4. Awwww! I'm so sorry that you are baby hungry. I think I have a solution for you though. Seeing as I am set to deliver on WEDNESDAY, and seriously doubting that I can make it that far, I have a comparable solution to your craving:

    Have a fat (10-20 lbs) Jack Russel Terrier jump in your lap - then duct tape him there, and try to walk around as he paws you and kicks in 3 different directions. Especially your bladder...

    Try to take a much needed nap with him taped there desperately trying to escape, and after all that, I think that will do it! Both of you will be happy to be free.

    I asked Matthew, "Was it this bad with all the other kids pregnancies?" thinking that age is now playing a role... and he said, "Yep. Pretty much!" WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!!

  5. gorgeous - to die for... no, to go blind for. so pretty!!

  6. She does look tiny! Can't believe the baby is already here!

  7. Holy CRAP! These are AWESOME pictures!!! YOU LOOK SO GOOD BECCA!!!


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