Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Huge Breakthroughs in Parenting

I've had a couple of delightful epiphanies recently and I thought I would share since I am completely beside myself at their fabulousness.

First, I have instituted scripture reading during the drive to school every morning.  And no, I do not mean me...I would not think even reading the scriptures whilst driving would guarantee me free from accidents.  Miss B and Mr. C however, are quite free to read and for the five or so minutes it takes to get to school, we are all there, immobilized and in the same situation Hooray and hallelujah.  I just love multi-tasking. The scriptures reside permanently in the car and we get a good 4-5 verses in a day.  Now if we could get dear ol' dad to drive to school with us in the mornings, we would have the whole family...but at least it's the majority.

Second, I finally discovered (after months of tears, stomping, fit-throwing, floor-flopping, complaining and whining), that if I separate Dennis' pile of clean laundry to be put away into smaller piles of shirts, pants, jammies, is much, Much, MUCH easier for him to quickly and seamlessly deposit his clothes in their correct and respective places.  I am sure some of you smart-as-a-whip and quick-on-your-feet mommies have already come to this seemingly obvious conclusion...but for me, the light bulb turned on two days ago and it has been nothing but sweet and utter bliss since (at least in that one regard).


  1. Nicely done, Lou! I grinned at the floor-flopping imagery. I kind of pictured a flatish fish doing the Michael Jackson "worm/wave" move across the floor. Heeeheee. :)

  2. Love the scripture idea. Now if only we drove to school. I need more you have any on how to not make a mess while making dinner, besides me cleaning it up? That would be truly invaluable.

  3. What a great idea for scriptures!


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