Monday, May 24, 2010

Plumb Tuckered Out

Don't you wish you could get so comfy?

Half the time I can't seem to get as comfortable even in my own fluffy, squishy, cozy bed with two pillows, a nice mattress and a down comforter.

I don't know though, I haven't sat in a high chair for a bit.  Maybe it's the epitome of plush comfort and just what a soul needs for a good snooze.

My favorite parts are the little tufts of hair peeking through the rails and the one random piece of rice stuck to his mug.  

And he hardly made a peep when I removed him, washed him thoroughly, took off his shirt and took him to his bed.  He must've been good and worn right out.


  1. That looks seriously uncomfortable! But how it would it be?! I'm envious. I can barely find a comfortable sitting position these days let alone a comfortable sleeping position.

  2. Maybe we should make adult sized high chairs if they work that well.

  3. I'm impressed you were brave enough to clean him up. I wouldn't have risked waking him up. Too funny.


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