Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Thoughts that Don't Warrant Their Own Post

The other day, Dennis ate half a large container of blueberries in one sitting and upon questioning he replied, "I tried to think about sharing, but my head was as empty as a balloon..."

I recently heard from my Dermatologist that the worst hours of sun exposure and the ones we should try to avoid in our Arizona summers are from 9 am to 6 pm...did you catch that?  9 am to 6 pm!  So....what to do, what to do....  I guess the only thing to do is to take up summer hibernation.

Q says agua instead of water.  He has been influenced by his Brazilian aunt. It is hysterical!  He also calls a spoon, a "bum".  I'm not sure why...although I don't think it has to do with any other language.

I just decided that I like Pink, the singer...but the color is nice too.  She's got a kickin' voice.

Mr C. read roughly 260 pages of the last book in the Lightning Thief series in one day.  His eyes were blood shot after and had a far off look to them.  He devours books like candy.  He is up late at night with a book light (one of his most prized possessions), reading in his bed.  Then usually he's up early reading a dose of Calvin and Hobbes.

I found an old recipe book Miss B wrote awhile back. It has some stellar recipes in it.  You should try them.  Mr. C is certain she is a gourmet cook.  His favorites are Cinnamon Milk and Sour Toast.

I shall share for your enjoyment.  Watch for the tips, they are the best.

Sour Toast
1. Crystal Light Wild Strawberry powder
2. Toast
3. Butter
4. Country Time Lemonade powder
5. Vanilla
6. Grapes
*Tip:  Always squash three grapes

Coconut Creme
1. Coconut
2. Milk
3. Brown Sugar
4. Powdered Sugar
5. Vanilla
*Tip:  Always put in a bowl

Go ahead... try them.  I dare you.  And I suppose you're going to have to guess on the quantities and assembling instructions.  Also, I'm assuming Sour Toast should have toast included in the list of ingredients as well.

And did you know the term nemesis comes from the name of a minor Greek Goddess.  She was the Goddess of Revenge. Hmmmm.  Interesting.


  1. Oh, it is pure THERAPY to read your posts. They make me smile and realize that LIFE IS GOOD! Such a simple, yet rich pleasure. And your children are wonderful, but that's no surprise because 'The apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree'! :)

  2. I tries to make the cinnamon milk, but i didn't read all the instructions and mixed the cinnamon and sugar last. Next time ill follow better. Tammi


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