Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweet New Ride

Ever since Mr. C went to Ride Makerz for a friend's birthday months ago, Dennis has dreamed of the day he could go.  That day came last weekend for his own birthday.

He listened intently to the crew member who helped him build his car.  He didn't want to miss a thing.  Luckily Mr. C stuck by his side and helped him with every last detail.  Q just ran helter skelter and drove me, his father and everyone else... stark raving mad.  Why do they keep little tires, hub caps, etc. etc. out on a low display table to tempt little fingers? Why?!


Here are the men-folk looking through the vast and assorted array of hood ornaments and stickers....where you could spend your whole life's savings in a blink of an eye.

The proud owner of a new monster truck.  A Dodge to be exact.  He was very adamant on that point. I didn't know he knew the difference.


Then we headed back home to celebrate and try out the new truck.



Miss B gave Dennis the idea of a movie themed birthday party, which he loved and immediately decided on.  So she was of course ecstatic when I put her in charge of the concession stand, giving her only a shoe box and some card stock to work with.  She also made wallets and paper money for us to purchase our tickets and snacks with.  It was a low key affair...just us...munching on hot dogs, popcorn and candy and watching "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."  

We did a bucket o' popcorn for the cake...and if I were really fabulous and had more time, I would have done a tall, round cake with fondant for the stripes and the popcorn spilling out the top...but alas, it was not to be.  So a flat cake with fruit roll-up stripes was second best.  The popcorn turned out awesome though.  It was made with mini marshmallows pulled in half and stuck back together in a popcorny shape and then brushed with a combo of yellow food coloring and water for the "butter". Awesome.  All in all it turned out schnazzy enough, especially since it took all of about a half hour to decorate.  I did learn that I cannot in any way shape or form, (even if I concentrate with all my might) peel fruit roll-ups off the plastic wrap without mangling them to beyond recognition.  Good thing my great husband saved the day and peeled them nice and flat for me.  He has hidden talents like that.

Eeeek! Where'd my baby go?  Kindergarten is on the horizon...

Miss B also designed this lovely movie card for the birthday boy. 

The inside is inscribed with the following poem that she got from a book.  Supposedly Dennis gets quite the kick out of it.

Happy Burpday to you,
You belong in a zoo,
When you burp say "Excuse Me",
It's the right thing to do!

His monster truck was his main present so he only opened a few presents from family and two small, dollar-type gifts from us.  The foam rocket launcher was a big hit as well as the Diego Walkie Talkies from his aunt. He has always been a Diego fan. Always.

And along with some cool new toys and as an added bonus, he got Strep for his birthday...which is always such a treat.


  1. If this was a "low key" party, then I'm not sure I could handle the envy of a party where you pull out all the stops! Where on EARTH do you GET your ideas?? Lou, I want to be a mom just like you. I want to give my little boy all these things that you offer to your children. They are SO LUCKY! Do they even REALIZE how lucky they are??

  2. So fun. Cute ideas. Tell him Happy Birthday for us.

  3. Love the cake, sure wish you saved me a piece. The concession stand is adorable and making your own ride really seems overwhelming to me.

  4. Another fabulous, although "low key" party! The cake is perfect and I'm very curious about the "make your own monster truck" place. Kind of like a Build a Bear for boys or something? Happy Birthday to your crazy boy!

  5. I have never even heard of that car place before. Now I want to go, guess I will have to wait until my birthday. Very cool!


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