Thursday, May 13, 2010


My Great Grandmother passed away last week and so we packed up quick and drove up to the funeral.  And since we had driven all that way, we decided to make a mini vacation out of it and visit with family for the rest of the week and weekend. Plus dear ol' Dad happened to be going on a fishing trip at the same time so it worked out perfect.  He went to the funeral with us and then headed on his glorious, fish-hunting way...and picked us up a few days later.

The funeral was great. It was fun to hear the stories about my Grandma's life. Little things about how she loved to travel, loved history, loved making things and how she always took different sets of grandkids on trips and stayed only in hotels with pools, made me smile. Little things like Dennis hurling a fruit snack up three  pews during the service and hitting an older gentleman on the elbow, made me cry/cringe/laugh maniacally/sigh/consider giving up.  Funerals always make me wonder what people will say at mine though and push me to step it up a little more and make sure I am trying my best to leave a good, positive and happy legacy.

After that we spent days just hanging out and having fun.  We went to an awesome park filled with every sort of twisting and turning contraption conceivable.  It made me nauseous just thinking of all that spinning and spinning and spinning. Ugh. My stomach and I do not do well with constant circular motion.  It was loads of fun to watch every one else at the park spin though, especially when they got off and tried to walk.


These hoodlums thought it great fun to toss wood chips at a wall and on their own heads.  It kept them occupied for probably a good half hour.

And as luck would have it, the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration that takes place just down the street from my parents' house, was being held the very weekend I was in town.  It was great fun to take the kids, as I have fond memories of going as a younger me.  The kidlets and their cousin enjoyed playing all the carnival type games and winning bunches of tickets with which they traded for things like a whoopee cushion, a mini fan, a stuffed animal, three monster trucks and many other wondrous and assorted trinkets.

My parents, and sister and I enjoyed the fabulous array of Mexican food.

We had Tacos Dorados, or taquitoes...

Carne Asada, both served with some stellar beans and rice...

And I tried my first taste of Pupusa, a Salvadoran dish made of thick, soft corn tortillas stuffed with a combination of cheese, pork, and/or refried beans served with a delightful runny salsa.  And I did not dare stop to take a picture for fear I would miss out on some of my fair share.

I've always wanted to try Elote, or corn on the cob covered in mayo, cotija ( a Mexican cheese similar to Parmesan or Feta) and typically Cayenne pepper (although I opted out of the pepper).  It was definitely different but pretty tasty.  And then we washed it all down with some refreshing Horchata. Mmmm.  I love food.

Later that day we went with some of my in-laws to visit another grandmother's grave and decorate it for Mother's Day.  It was nice visiting in the shade of the cemetery and looking at headstones and hearing stories of ancestors.  The kids enjoyed kisses and hugs from their ever adorable and equally squishable cousin.  She loves to give kisses and giggles the cutest, giggliest giggle every time she hands out another smooch.  It's just about the cutest thing ever.  

This handsome maniac requested pictures of himself.  He first wanted one of his front accompanied with a loud and exuberant, "CHEEESE".  Then he wanted one of his back accompanied by an equally loud and exuberant, "CHEEESE".  What a character.

I woke up Mother's Day to my mother and my children making French Toast. My mom spoiled my sister and I with corsages, notes and necklaces that hold a special meaning.  I had a cute card from the kids too. After church my mother again spoiled us with two lovely roast chickens, baked potatoes, green salad (with Ranch dressing... the kind you make from the packet, not the bottled kind), corn and green beans and even Strawberry Trifle for dessert. I don't know how she whips up these fabulous meals in three nano seconds. She is a miracle worker. It made me feel a little guilty since I should have been pampering her...but it was so wonderful to visit with them most of Sunday.  Being a mother is the best way to truly understand and appreciate what your own mother went through and did for you.

After that we headed out to meet the fisher-dad for our ride home.  He was successful and had a grand ol' time with his brother-in-law. Hopefully he took pictures like he was instructed.  The drive back was pretty standard, but I did snap a picture of the lovely, hazy, dreamy sunset. And then we were home.


  1. Lou, that looks positively majestic! What a great time. And who knew that you liked food? -Your figure DOESN'T show it. Oh, how I am green with envy...

  2. What a trip! Life can be so fun even when it's crazy and memorable even when is a simple thing like wood chips :)

  3. At your funeral I will say....uhmmm I guess you'll just have to wait and see. You've made me VERY hungry, thankyou very much.

  4. Sorry the trip was for a Funeral. But looks like a good one anyway. PS I could still eat that chubby baby! So darling


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